Movies I Watched in June 2012

This was an awesome month of movie watching for me. I saw 9 Australian films because of my Australian Cinema course “(A).” With a few exceptions – *cough* The Dictator, Prometheus *cough* – the other movies I watched were excellent.
Favorites? Ratcatcher, Chopper, and The Proposition.
  1. The Dictator
  2. Picnic at Hanging Rock (A)
  3. The Interview (A)
  4. Mad Max 2 (A)
  5. Platoon
  6. Into the Abyss
  7. Prometheus
  8. Alps
  9. Two Hands (A)
  10. Ratcatcher
  11. The Proposition (A)
  12. My Left Foot
  13. Chopper (A)
  14. Hoosiers
  15. The Castle (A)
  16. Muriel’s Wedding (A)
  17. Elena
  18. Love and Other Catastrophes (A)
  19. Ted
So where does this put me? I have recorded seeing 999 films. My 1000th will be watched tonight (7/1)…

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